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ULTRAFORCE #8 (May 1995) Malibu Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date: May 1995
Cover Price: $2.50
Publisher: Malibu Comics


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    "Heaven on Earth" (25 pages) 
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    ULTRAFORCE #8 (May 1995)
    Malibu Comics

    ULTRAFORCE #8 (Spain) (1996)
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    UltraForce #8 Double-Splash Pages 2 and 3

    posted Nov 2, 2019, 3:39 PM by Vu Nguyen

    From, thanks to Ilke

    ULTRAFORCE #8 (May 1995)
    Malibu Comics
    George Pérez and Keith Aiken UltraForce #8 Double-Splash Pages 2 and 3 Original art Original Art (Malibu, 1995). Dane Whitman (aka the Black Knight) arrives in the Ultraverse on this page from the Malibu/Marvel crossover issue. His lover/Avengers teammate Sersi is also mentioned, and with both characters appearing in next year's The Eternals movie, this page is a must-have. Ink over graphite on two sheets of Bristol board affixed with tape on the reverse, with a combined image area of 22" x 16.75". Some areas of mild discoloration and the bottom right panel has a detached paste-up element (included); otherwise, in Excellent condition.