Comets is a great family oriented track club. It's very relaxed and low key. We start in April, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30. Everyone does general conditioning mostly in one group. In mid May, we switch to Monday-Wednesday-Thursday from 5:30-7:00. People come, do some warmups together, then pick an 'event' they want to learn/practice, such as sprints or high jump. There will be several coaches available, each one leading the practice in their area of expertise. After half the time, the head coach calls 'switch' and everyone goes and finds another event to try. The athletes decide what they're interested in. If they want, in June there are some track meets to try, anywhere from here to up around Spokane and Tri-Cities. Later in the season, there are some more advanced meets if they qualify and want to go. The emphasis is on improving yourself, getting good exercise and having fun. If someone can't come sometimes, it's no problem. There is no roll call or anything. If you send an email to cometstrackclub@gmail.com I can put you on the email list and when we start up you'll get the information. We at times have athletes from ages 3 or 4 up through 70s or 80s. Everyone is welcome. For athletes under 5 or so we like the parents to stay during practice. You are always welcome to stay anyway, and we always have parents that participate as well. The fee for Comets is $35/year, plus we require a USATF card, which is $20/year. If your child competes in a meet she/he will need this, but even if they don't want to it provides insurance so we require it. The first year they join you will need to send in a copy of their birth certificate, so they can verify the age group they are in, and that's pretty much all the requirements.

Your athlete and you can come try it out for a week if they want. I'm usually at the track at the beginnings of practice, so you can get the info and forms from me then. Registration packets are also available on the website.

If you have any other questions please write again or call Scott Avery at 972-890-4818.