Science Learning Area

Our Mission: 

"To Teach the Children of Today to be the Scientists of Tomorrow"

At Comet Bay College our aim in the Science Learning Area is to enable our students to develop a sound understanding of Science and its contribution to our society (both as a  historical and future perspective): embracing this understanding as a key aspect of their everyday lives.
Students are engaged in science curriculum across the core concept areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences.  In Upper School we offer the full range of these subjects, encouraging all students to develop the life long practice of extending themselves in all things sciency.
All students are extended within their curriculum with engaging programs that are hands on and incorporate the use of ever evolving ICT technology. Our GATE and Extension students are further extended with our Thinking Science program.  This program is run through the Year 8 and 9 classes and involves the development of higher order thinking and meta-cognition within a science context; this can be transferred into other learning areas and enhance overall academic achievement. 
Please browse our website to view our programs and other teaching and learning tools.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the relevant teachers by email (our addresses are on the staff contact page below. )
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