This program is aimed to every family, and each of its members. Integrating different social responses, in which the program "Centro de Apoio Familiar e Aconselhamento Parental - CAFAP" (which translates to: Family Support and Parental Advisory Centre) is included, there is a multifunctional development of family activities, individual or in groups, with the goal of improving the family's capacities.

Closely working with every family, and its member, and with an available and multidisciplinary team, we attend to the needs of those who count on us, where they most need it: at school, at home, in their place of work, or daycare.


Our goal is to help a family to acquire the emotional and/or material resources it needs, allowing them to improve their quality of life.

How we act

  • Preventing situations of risk or danger
  • Promoting self-esteem
  • Strenghtening parental competences
  • Improving the family's communicational skills
  • Parental adivsory (individual / in group)
  • Developing activities (recreational / on holidays) for the children in the program
  • Family and elder monitoring in their homes
  • Developing training, cultural or leisure sessions.