Ms. Linder's & Mrs. DeWitt's Kindergarten Gazette

Kindergarten waved goodbye to “Old Man Winter” and embraced spring with open arms. Warm adventures on the playground are a welcomed change as we enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. We have also been busy making costumes and props and practicing lines for our Readers' Theater plays. Our little actors did an amazing won't want to miss the videos!*
*There are two versions of "I Bet I Can." #1 was recorded on Thursday with Ido playing the part of the bear and #2 was recorded on Friday with Mrs. DeWitt subbing as the bear.

Photos From the Week

Highlights of the Week


  • Introduced the concept of theatrical plays

  • Revisited the terms characters, plot, and setting

  • Performed  the plays I Bet I Can, Hippo’s Toothache and Tommy and the Giant Cockroach

  • Introduced our latest reading theme entitled “Out The Front Door”

  • Used our senses to write about city life in our creative writing journals

  • Listened to the story Max Takes the Train by Rosemary Wells

  • Listed many different types of transportation in the city

  • Read the book Spring Changes by Ellen B. Senisi

  • Wrote about our favorite activities to do in the spring


  • Played a tally game using the penny, nickel and dime

  • Used our listening ears to follow specific math rules  

  • Wrote numbers from 1-31 for our May calendars using our neatest handwriting

  • Played math board games, card games and question games to reinforce math concepts

  • Used popsicle sticks to represent the concept of place value


  • Read the book Seeds by Ken Robbins

  • Discussed the life cycle of a plant

  • Revisited the terms seed, root, sprout, and plant

  • Documented the life cycle of our individual plants in our science journal

  • Watered our plants to ensure ongoing growth


  • Listened to the story Down the Road by Alice Schertle to highlight the importance of hoping and never giving up.

  • Discussed how we hope or wish for something with all of our might

  • Wrote in our Heartwood journal about our hopes and dreams