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morning: 7:45-8:10
afternoon: 3:35-4:00 (M,T,Th,F)


1st period--English 11 (12)
2nd period--English 9 (23)
3rd period--English 9 (23)
4th period--Prep Period
5th period--English 9 (19)
6th period--English 11 (19)
7th period--English 11 (12)
8th period--Geography (Sem. 1)/Drama (Sem. 2) (17)

Lesson Plans
May 15-19:
                     English 11--We will continue the writers' workshop this week.     
                                           Final pieces are due on Friday.
                     English 9--We will be watching Life is Beautiful and then writing 
                                         movie review during the beginning of next week. The 
                                         model movie review is in your textbook--pp. 284-285.
                     Drama--   Final pieces are due on Tuesday. Starting Thursday, 
                                         we will be watching another drama for analysis.

May 8-12: (Mother's Day Sunday)
English 11--We will be working on a writers' workshop for the next two weeks.

English 9--WEDNESDAY--grammar quiz 17
                     THURSDAY--Editorials due in GoogleClassroom

May 1-5:

April 24-28:
English 11--Week 3 of Literature Circles--due dates are indicated on Moodle site.

English 9--Monday-Thursday--working on persuasive writing
Wednesday--collecting comp books for Check #3 (F1.8, G1.6, F1.9, G1.7, F1.10, F1.11, G1.8, F1.12, G1.9)
Friday--turn in Wacky Words sheet 9
                quiz on Wacky Words set 9

Drama--Monday-Tuesday--finishing movie and movie write-up; Thursday-Friday--getting started on final filming project