This is Mr. Hoge's Classroom Website. Here you'll be able to find a variety of course information including class outlines, review materials, and study guides. Previous years' information is also available if you're interested in what might come next (though it is subject to change).

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Contact Information

Mr. Blake Hoge
Phone:  406.322.5373 ext. 143
Office Hours: 2:39-3:35 (excluding Wednesdays)

 1st Period 8:15-9:00 Chemistry
 2nd Period 9:04:9:49 Physics
 3rd Period 9:53-10:38 Advanced Chemistry
 4th Period 10:42-11:27 Anatomy & Physiology
 5th Period 11:31-12:16 Anatomy & Physiology
 Lunch 12:17-1:00 Lunch
 6th Period 1:01-1:46 Anatomy & Physiology
 7th Period 1:50-2:35    Chemistry
 8th Period 2:39-3:35 Prep

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