Columbia County Treasurer

Columbia County, NY
E-Payment Service!

Pay your delinquent taxes online or in-office with a debit or credit card

Columbia County, NY now offers a debit and credit card payment option.

Columbia County has partnered with Value Payment Systems (VPS) to offer debit card and credit card payment solutions both in-office and online for tax payments. Taxpayers can pay using MasterCard®, VISA®, Discover® and American Express®. If choosing to pay with a VISA® Debit Card, a flat convenience fee of $3.75 will be added to your total tax amount and is collected by VPS for offering the service. All other card types will be assessed a 2.35% fee as well as a flat $1.00 fee. As paying bills and banking become more and more electronic, Columbia County is pleased to stay on top of these trends. Paying electronically is faster, easier and more convenient than writing a check or paying with cash.


We are pleased to introduce a payment option that allows for credit and debit card transactions. It makes things much more convenient for our office and for our citizens. Our hope is that the taxpayers in Columbia County will begin taking advantage of this new payment option,” said Paul J. Keeler Jr., Columbia County Treasurer.


About Value Payment Systems
Value Payment Systems provides electronic payment products and services to various industries including government and property management. Value Payment Systems' comprehensive e-payment services encompass a wide array of payment channels including the Internet and phone. For more information, visit

**Please note:  Only the exact amount will be accepted.**
***[No partial payments will be accepted]***

Please be aware that there is a convenience fee for this service which is passed on to you the consumer.  This will appear as a separate charge on your bill.

To see exactly how much you owe, please follow these instructions:

From your computer browser, Log into Total Collection Systems using the following address and credentials:

(this link will open in a separate browser window so you can refer back to these instructions)

Username: public@columbia
Password:  public

1.  Click on the Entities Tab

2.  Enter the Tax Map # (with dots / dashes) on the Information tab, press enter

3.  Check for the proper SWIS code and Owner and Click the Eyeball for the desired parcel


4.  Bills tab - look at the amount due column.  Taxes must be paid in reverse chronological order      
(i.e. 2014 then 2013 then 2012)                   [Total amount due can be paid all at one time.]


-Now that you have the exact payment amount, please proceed to the payment website by clicking the button below:
~ NOTE:  Only the EXACT AMOUNT will be accepted - no partial payments ~

Please be aware that there is a convenience fee for this service which is passed on to you the consumer.  This will appear as a separate charge on your bill.

Payment Plans ONLY:  If a payment is delinquent, you must pay that amount first

You may remit payment by cash, check or money order with no additional charge to:
Columbia County Treasurer
15 N. 6th Street
Hudson, NY 12534

Please call (518) 828-0513 with any questions