Public Health Education

 Contact Information: Phone: (518) 828-3358, Ext.1326  *  Fax: (518) 671-6737  

   The Public Health Education program educates the community about how to prevent disease in order to improve health and quality of life.   The program:
*Educational programs are available to groups on a wide range of topics, including:
  • "Tar Wars" tobacco use prevention program for students (age range 4th-5th grade and above)
  • Hand Washing and Infection Prevention, including the Scrubby Bear Hand Washing Program for young children; the Bacteria Blasters Program for older children; and Hand Washing and Infection Prevention for people of all ages ("Train the Trainer" workshops are also available)
  • Scrubby Bear Hand Washing Train-the-Trainer Program for day care providers and teachers
  • An introduction to "Healthy Monday - the Day All Health Breaks Loose"
  • Implementing Physical Activity "Bursts" in the Classroom and Increasing Physical Activity During the School Day (a workshop for teachers and faculty);  Increasing Physical Activity in the Child Care Setting
  • Preventing Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Diseases
  • Re-Think Your Drink: All About Sugar-Sweetened Drinks and their Health Effects
  • Sexual Health and STD Prevention 
  • Emergency Preparedness, including American Red Cross programs Masters of Disaster for children and Be Red Cross Ready for adults ("Train the Trainer" workshops are also available)
  • Falls Prevention for Older Adults
  • Depression in Older Adults 
  • Immunization Topics
  • An Overview of Columbia County Department of Health Programs and Services 
  • and more 
Columbia County Department of Health County Fair booth, 2014 
The Columbia County Department of Health has teamed up with the American Red Cross to provide Scrubby Bear Hand Washing workshops to the community.  Hand washing and infection prevention workshops are available for people of all ages.  Hand washing is the most effective way of preventing the spread of illness.

Re-think Your Drink: Do you know how much sugar is in the drinks you enjoy?  Sodas, sweetened teas, energy drinks, and juice drinks are filled with sugar.  These drinks can lead to obesity, Type II diabetes, and many other health problems.  Water is the healthiest drink!  Check out

Emergency preparedness education: Make a plan, make a kit, be informed.

Healthy Monday: The Day all Health Breaks Loose!