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Please note that the pictures below may only include those parcels with a structure.  
For a complete listing of parcels in the sale, please refer to the link to the left for Property Descriptions.

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Please be sure to read the complete Terms & Conditions of Sale BEFORE submitting a bid.

PLEASE REMEMBER:  Some of the properties offered are still occupied by former owners or tenants.  
No one is authorized to enter any property that we have listed for sale.  DRIVE BY INSPECTIONS ONLY.  
A list of properties has been distributed to  local law enforcement.  Anyone found entering a residence,
occupied or unoccupied, may face criminal prosecution.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call:
(518) 828-3303


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*** Something New ***

Clicking on the property address will open a Google satellite map.   Also, try clicking on the Parcel Numbers to open a streetside Bing map in a new window!!!  The streetside map allows you to take a virtual "walk" around the neighborhood.   To switch to a road map, click the circled X in the top right corner of the map - from there, you can get directions.   


# 1      ⏪ Click
Town of Canaan
12.65 Acres
Min. Bid:  $20,000

# 2      ⏪ Click
Sweeny Road (Thomas Road)
Town of Claverack
6.4 Acres
Min. Bid:  $2,500

# 3      ⏪ Click
Town of New Lebanon
3.44 Acres

* * * PULLED * * *

#Coming Soon      ⏪ Click
Town of Chatham
5.6 Acres
* P U L L E D From September 26, 2017*

Please check back periodically. This County-owned parcel will be offered in a future sale.  



Lisa Brightly
Columbia County Attorney's Office