Property Descriptions

Click below for a complete listing of parcels offered in the September 2017 Tax Foreclosure Sale.

NOTICE:   Parcels # 3 & 4 in the Town of Canaan, Parcel # 7 in the Town of Chatham, Parcel # 9 in the Town of Claverack and Group A (Parcels A1 & A2) in the Town of Austerlitz have been  PULLED  from the September sale.  Parcels # 7 & 9 may be offered at a later time.  If you are interested in these properties, please check back periodically.  

PLEASE REMEMBER:  Some of the properties offered are still occupied by former owners or tenants.  No one is authorized to enter any property that we have listed for sale.  DRIVE BY INSPECTIONS ONLY.  A list of properties has been distributed to  local law enforcement.  Anyone found entering a residence, occupied or unoccupied, may face criminal prosecution.
Lisa Brightly,
Sep 14, 2017, 6:55 AM