As many of you may be aware, a number of actions taken by China over the past months have begun impacting the recycling markets and state and local programs.

 The new proposed standard quality limit is far more stringent than any existing international standard and unless there is an easing to some of the restrictions, market prices will likely be depressed, if markets are available at all. Our goal moving forward is to ensure the highest quality material that could be marketed by both domestic and international markets.

 Columbia County like many other municipalities is working with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and our vendor Casella Recycling to assist in educating residents and looking at potential financial assistance and guidance through this crisis.

 Although the US exports a significant amount of recyclables, domestic markets do exist and may expand, perhaps as a direct result of China’s actions. However, these developments might take time and communications are critical to maintain public trust. 

 Below please find the new “recycling protocol” that we are in the process of implementing at all our transfer stations. Over the next month, as changes occur, we will be expanding our educational efforts through social media, signage and various other outlets.

 Should there be questions, please direct them to our Administrative Office at 518-828-2737.

Christopher Sweet,
Aug 10, 2018, 11:21 AM