About Us:

The Columbia County Clerk’s Office acts as an information center for the citizens of Columbia County by assisting the public with filing, handling, and preserving of public records. We offer services to the public that handle a wide variety of public records and legal papers.

For those records that have not been scanned through the new imaging system, documentation can be found through a variety of record books. Our search room contains many books where you can access deeds, mortgages, and satisfactions just to name a few. Records can be found back as far as the 1800's.

The County Clerk's Office also has various machines to access information. The microfilm scanner is used to view and print maps that are contained on microfiche. The reader printer machines are available for the public to view and print documents that are on micro film. These resources are available to the public during normal business hours.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is under the supervision of the County Clerk and is mandated by NYS statute. They handle a variety of transactions including issuance of driver's licenses and permits, license plates and stickers for vehicles including motor boats, trailers and snowmobiles, transfer of license plates from one vehicle to another, and collection of NYS sales tax and fees as well as many other services.