2017 Committees & Members

.1 Committee
Chair: Patrick Grattan     Deputy: William Hughes, Jr.
Members: R. Knott, M. Murell, K. Weigelt, R. Staats, S. Sterling
Health & Human Services
(Public Health, Human Services, DSS, Youth & Office for the Aging)
Chair: Patrick Grattan       Deputy: Sarah Sterling
Members: E. Cross, W.Hughes, E. Nabozny. R. Keaveney, C. Teal, M. Lull, R. Scalera
Public Safety
(Sheriff, E911, EMS, Fire, Probation, District Attorney, Public Defender, Conflict Defender, Stop DWI, Coroner, Emergency Management)
Chair: Michael Benvenuto    Deputy: Jeffrey Nayer
Members: R. Lagonia, C. Weigelt, E. Cross, W. Hughes, Jr., D. Moore, C. Teal, J. Reilly
Economic Development
(Planning, Agriculture, IDA, CRC, Commerce Park, Soil & Water, Cooperative Extenstion and Workforce Development Board)
Chair: John Reilly    Deputy: Robert Lagonia
Members: P. Grattan, R. Knott, A. Bassin, P. Cipkowski, M. Lull, E. Nabozny, S. Sterling
County Government
(County Clerk, Board of Supervisors Clerk, County Attorney, Board of Elections, Human Resources, Weights and Measures, MIS, Real Property, Historian, Planning, Tourism, Civil Service, Veterans and Fair Housing)
Chair: Clifford "Kippy" Weigelt     Deputy: Joel Craig
Members: D. Moore, M. Lull, R. Knott, R. Scalera, R. Staats, R. Skoda P. Cipkowski  
Public Works
(Engineering, Highway, Solid Waster, Facilities)
Chair: Ronald Knott    Deputy: James Guzzi
Members: J. Nayer, M. Benvenuto, S. Sterling, D. Moore, J. Craig, R. Staats, C. Weigelt, R. Skoda
(Budget, Treasurer, Controller, Corporate Compliance, CGCC, Central Services)
Chair: Richard Keaveney     Deputy: Matt Murell
Members: P. Grattan, R. Knott, W. Hughes, Jr., J. Guzzi, R. Staats, C. Weigelt, J. Reilly
                                                Sub Committees:
                                    Salary Study (as needed)
Chair: Matt Murell
Members: P. Grattan, A. Bassin, S. Sterling, R. Knott, R. Caponera, M. Williams-Riordon, PJ Keeler

Broadband Sub (as needed)

Chair: John Reilly  Members: P. Cipkowksi, P. Grattan, C. Teal, M. Tucker, D. Berman, R. Lopez, A. Mueller, R. Allard, P. Lopez,W. Gustafson, R. Harris, A. Petraglia, R. Juliano, K. Flood, R. Eckel

Airport Sub (as needed)
ChairMichael Benvenuto,    Deputy: Clifford "Kippy" Weigelt
Members:  A. Bassin, R. Knott, S. Sterling, D. Knox
                                Central Business Office (CBO)
Chair: Matt Murell    Deputy: William Hughes, Jr.
Members: R. Caponera, PJ Keeler, M. Williams-Riordon, R. Juliano,
M. Noblin
Chair:  Richard Keaveney  Deputy:  Jeffrey Nayer
Members:  M. Murell, A. Bassin, R. Scalera, R. Caponera, W. Williams-Riordon, S. Acciani
                                                Deferred Comp
Chair: Richard Keaveney
Members: M. Williams-Riordon, R. Caponera,  PJ Keeler,  S. Acciani
Chair: Michael Benvenuto    
Members: R. Scalera, S. Sterling, E. Nabozny, M. Williams-Riordon, 
R. Fitzsimmons, 
Labor Management (Unions)
Members: M. Benvenuto, R. Scalera, W. Hughes, Jr., E. Nabozny, R. Fitzsimmons, M. Williams-Riordon 
Non-Bargaining Unit Management (Non-Union):
Chair: Patrick Grattan    Deputy: Matt Murell
Members: S. Sterling, A. Bassin, M. Williams-Riordon, M. Noblin
Tobacco Securitization
Chair: Matt Murell
Members: R. Keaveney, P. Grattan, PJ Keeler, B. Karp, K. Wilber, 
R. Caponera
                                       Audit Sub-Committee
Chair: R. Keaveney,  R. Staats, J. Guzzi, PJ Keeler, R. Caponera, C. Wood
T. Gansowski
                                  Education Sub-Committee
 Chair: M. Murell,  A. Bassin, W. Hughes, D. Moore, PJ Keeler, R. Caponera
                             Space Utilization Sub-Committee
 Chair: R. Knott,  C, Weigelt, E Nabozny, J. Guzzi, J. Nayer,   W. Hunt, P. Keeler, R. Caponera, R. Pinto, B. Kelleher
                                          Fire Tower 
Chair:  K Weigelt, B. Hunt, P. Keeler, R. Lopez, J. Davi, R. Caponera
                                 Sewer Sub-Committee
Chair:  Ron Knott, S. Sterling, P. Grattan, C. Weigelt, J. Guzzi, E. Nabozny, R. Fitzsimmons, R. Caponera, P. Keeler, K. Flood, R. Jurkowski, E. Stiffler  
                             Fire Advisory for Compensation 
Chair:  M. Benvenuto, G. Mazzacano, B. Hunt