Community Helpers


Who keeps our streets safe?  Who helps keep you healthy and provide medicine for you when you are sick?  Who processes your parents' paychecks?  Who helps you learn at school?  Answer:  All are community helpers!  
Community helpers include policeman, firefighters, mail carriers, doctors, teachers, and many more.  Community helpers are important to our communities and keep them going strong.  We are going to learn about the exciting jobs of community helpers.

Would you like to create your own community?  Ready?  Then follow along with these kids as we learn about these special jobs.  

Community Helpers

A WebQuest designed for Kindergarten and First Grade by Mrs. Ashley Purvis, Media Specialist for Cox Elementary in Moultrie, Georgia.

Related Standards:  

SSKE1 Describe the work that people do such as: police officer, fire fighter, soldier, mail carrier, farmer, doctor, teacher, etc.