Too Much Information!!! Managing Digital Overload

Do you suffer from digital overload? Emails, webinars, listservs, blogs, enews, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can cause us to short circuit.

Technology has allowed us to generate more information than we can manage. No matter what we do, we won't be able to capture or contain all of this information, but we can change the way that we deal with digital information so we do not become overwhelmed and overloaded.

Digital overload (also called "information overload") can effect everyone, regardless of their level of comfort with technology. In fact, it can have a worse impact on those who are tech-savvy because they are more likely to think they are in control. Digital overload causes us to be less productive, and causes a constant state of low-level panic and anxiety called Attention Deficit Trait.

Explore the information in this website to learn more about the specific causes of digital overload, and learn ways to help manage and prevent the negative impact it can have on your life and productivity.

This web site is based on a presentation that was given at the Colorado Association of Libraries Annual Conference on October 15, 2011 by Crystal Schimpf and Shelley Walchak. Click here to view the slideshow from the presentation.