View:Jean Louis,Montreal

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Media Photos and video courtesy of  Boarder95 &  "The Goon Posse"
"The Sludge Soda" site,
Flier "The Lost Cup 2009"
"Salvation over Saturation"

Jean: ,a  surfer, board man,artist of the river wave mind body and soul  from the true underground and the beginning roots of the hardcore Montreal river surf scene and river surfing ,Jean Louis is a true river guru .

"River Surfing 101 "leads you back to only  some of Jean's river surfing roots along with the" Goon Posse" Sludge Soda "site "his sick videos he share 's on the space tube as "Boarder 95"Videos linked here .Using jet skis as tools and ropes and pure skill on the Montreal river waves Jean and friends the" Goon Posse" are what river surfing and the progression can be about just  surfing powerful surfing.Jean's river  wave experience's are world wide  he is a huge part of feeding our stoke for the unknown river waves and those found  .

RSM: Jean can you give us some insight into the Montreal river surfing scene?

Have you had any contests up that way . You have been a huge part of that scene and river surfing's progression over the years

Jean :We had the lost cup this summer ..... and I won .....Montreal scene is changing years after years .. lots of people leave for the ocean and new comers are filling the spot's .We are maybe 2 or 3 guys free-styling 360 air and stuff ... for the rest just standing up is a challenge.

RSM: Congrats on the win the cup sounds fun ,Montreal rivers are huge, sounds like the scene is hardcore at times along with the waves .

RSM:What got you into river surfing you are a true world wave explorer you have tracked down many of the river waves in Montreal and surrounding area and the world.

Jean: I did a sk8 trip across Canada torn my two ankles in Tofino so I started  surfing ... came home and realized the kayaker's  where surfing ... so I got into kayaking to surf... then the year after became a raft guide in Lachine rapid and started body boarding .... the year after did both and on a surf board and became friend's with Corran.That was start into the river  surf .At that time. I helped build imagine surf school with him  got screwed over and started to go my own ways..

RSM:What is your favorite Canadian wave that you have found? B*s e***r way sick wave and Habitat 67 as well you  charge it .

Jean:My favorite wave is habitat 67 at a level of 7700 ......

:That wave looks incredible to surf and the river there after that's a  powerful wave, much respect.

What kind of surf board or river board do you like to surf in the river these days shape ,fin set up .

Jean: Now I am on a Buster surf board the e-type . 3 fins and a small center one .

RSM: You went on a European river surf tour followed some of that at the ARSA how was that trip? sounded way fun did you make it into Munich ?and surf with the FUS-CREW? and what other places did you find waves?

Jean : In Europe .. I went on the Douds ..(Lamalate ,Lacie, Lyon ) but no water end up surfing Bremgarten in Swisserland ... then move to the French ocean hossegor ... Gerry from fus emailed me that he was coming my way and met up with Andy,. Yoyo , Tao ... then went to Munich at the end of my trip of  4 /3 weeks but ...... they shut the river down after 3 days for cleaning ....Ii surfed the river for 3 days but did not perform at my best (I need to go back) now I am in France for a year now and I am going to do take 2 .

 RSM: What is your opinion about river surfing competitively throughout the world. do you see a future for a world circuit someday.

Jean: Yes

:Munich surf open would dig to see you enter that one or FUS jam, Gerry ,Flori and the FUS-crew dominate those event's and the Munich surf scene with their progressive river surfing like you and the "Goon Posse", tricks stemming from skateboarding and snowboarding put to the river is a cool future for river surfing.

Jean :Yes, that  is one of my goal's to surf  the Munich open ....... maybe this summer .

 RSM: How did the "Goon Posse "start?
Jean: The goon posse  started buy accident , Jeff and Daniel and  me were riding for Guava surf board's  and some people where talking sh@t about a group of guys surfing on board with a G logo my self - Jeff - Dan my self as team member and monkey and Alex as local ripper ......the G-crew ..... so monkey and Alex decided to create a gang and we transform the G-crew into the" Goon Posse" . A surf gang cause we have skipped line  cut rope and prevented people to go in Lachine rapids) Dave short (pro snowboarder ) join us and Edourdo as well . 

: Who are some of its members ?

"Goon Posse"

Jean-Louis, Montreal
Jeff ,B.C.
Alex ,Montreal
Dan Castillo, Peru
Edouardo ,Peru
Dave short B.C.
Elijah Mack . USA (is the  latest member )

RSM :The how not to make a wave video that was awesome dam good try! Way cool to see others making waves.

Jean:"I really want to build a wave and I will try again "

 RSM:I have heard some ideas making standing waves like the river crank dams of some sort
blowup balloon Sink  bags or just rocks a little concrete .Thanks friends of the North dig the method's .Habitat that low is a wild place that rock formation and the Lachine creates that Goliath of waves.That wave is  burly and all "Goon Posse "videos are way sick !

RSM:Does Montreal have anymore plans to build more waves ?

Jean:A group of people are trying to build  one with  the government but they are going nowhere.That's why I did the video to show that it is easy to make waves  yourself.

RSM: Being a river wave explorer and pioneer of river surfing if we may ask what is in your future surf travel plans any new waves you have been scoping ?I saw Japan has some good river waves and a growing scene recently .

Jean:Mmmmmmm good question, I would like to go to the bitche in U.K.....but my trips are more focused on ocean ridding.But when I was in Nica I tried to  build a river wave in a sandy river did  not really work but was enough to show my other friend how the river was working and info on the  building of river waves .Rapid 11 Zambezia gonna make me lie cause I will do a trip there one day.

RSM: Thanks Jean for your time if would you like to add anything or promote whats going on or make a shout out .

  Jean:"Don't sell your surf spot's because you will saturate them ........"

RSM :Good advice out for snakes.

Jean:Shout too & L Peace to Eli Mack, Gerry ARSA Negs all the Goons Andi Yoyo and the rest of Fus .... my wife Elodie who follow's me around and David Farizat coolest France Kayaker .......and my mom who did lots for me sending my  board and wet suit across the world and still let's me go to her place year's after to enjoy the Montreal river..............

RSM :Jean, again thanks for the stoke and view for"River Surfer magazine"  You are a legend of the  underground and that's the future we only know. Find more waves & salvation over saturation we pray and just surf , you own it friend much mahola  RSM.

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