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    Rot and Insect remediation and prevention

Wood Epoxy Abatron Rot Remediation

             Mortar removal

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Chinking is the material inserted between the joints of logs and other woods.  The technology has come a long way from mortar, horse hair, mud, and newspaper.  Today's chinking is latex based, has a granular texture, comes in many colors, and is flexible to the movement of the wood expanding and contracting do to moisture content and temperature change.  Applied correctly, chinking should last the life of the home. It is an essential element of sealing the home properly and helping energy conservation

Grip strips are white trapezoid shaped closed cell foam backer strips. Backer rods are black circular closed cell foam strips that are installed in the log joint or up check prior to caulk or chink application. The decision between the 2 products lies within the style and size of log and/or joint.

Caulking is much like chinking in that its purpose is to seal the home to prevent energy loss.  However, it is also used to seal the "upchecks" in logs to prevent water infiltration.  Neglecting this can cause major log or timber rot.  Repairing rotted areas can be extremely costly.  There are also a variety of caulks with a variety of colors to best match your wood surfaces. Caulking is also widely used in milled log homes to seal all gaps between logs. 


Staining as professionals we make sure to dramatically slow down while spraying on stain to ensure great coverage. Then vigorously back brushing to help the stain penetrate deeper into the wood grain. With proper maintenance and application procedures your home will last many years beyond your dreams.

The revolution in the log home industry is the clear coat.  It is a product that protects your stain from the elements.  We offer a maintenance contract that allows C.L.E. to ensure the performance of the clear coat and will increase the longevity of your investment.

Media blasting Media and Corn Cob Blasting is the art of removing existing stains and weather discoloration from years of age on a Log Home.  Restoring the wood to it's natural beauty and preparing the wood for better absorption and application of preservative treatments and Stains. Media and Corn Cob blasting are both a waterless process using finely ground particles of Corn Cobs or glass beads which are safe for your plants, shrubs and the environment.  Works great on new logs as well, removing road grime from transporting them to the job site and discoloration from being left unstained during construction.

Removal of existing rot and insects by use of epoxy products.  Prevention of insects and rot  by use of Borate products.  Log replacement is an option if less than half of the existing log remains.

First stage of epoxy preparation

Removal of existing concrete mortar between log joints by means of air compressor chisel.  To prep joints properly before chink is applied to the home.  Mortar removal is necessary for a proper restoration.

Additional prep is done by either sanding, grinding, or using the Osborn brush.  This gives the desired texture to the log surface before stain is applied to the home. Smoother surfaces cause stain to react in several ways: less stain results in surfaces that are lighter with more sheen; rough surfaces result in the opposite.

Grinding by hand gives the perfect prep finish after media blasting to prepare for the next phase of log treatment

Different styles that we offer in copper cap accents procedures that are both aesthetic additions as well as protection for log post tops.