Timothy JA Passmore

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. I received an MA in Political Science from CU Boulder in 2015 and an MLitt in International Security Studies from the University of St Andrews in 2007. In August 2019, I will join the Department of International Studies and Political Science at the Virginia Military Institute as an Assistant Professor.

My research focuses primarily on the intersection of conflict and international organizations, as well as the interaction between international and domestic actors. My current research assesses the impact of UN peacekeeping on civil conflict management and political stability. I am also interested in international law, US foreign policy, civil-military relations, religion and conflict, and the politics of the Middle East and Africa.

My dissertation, Providing Peace to Develop Democracy: How Contributing to UN Peacekeeping Operations Promotes Democratic Consolidation won the 2016 Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy grant and was awarded the Harold D. Lasswell Award for the most outstanding project in International Relations and Foreign Affairs.

I am currently a predoctoral fellow with the One Earth Future Foundation, and have taught undergraduate classes at CU such as American Foreign Policy and International Law. I am originally from London, England and live in Colorado with my wife, Kim.