Saeid Tizpaz-Niari

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

College of Engineering

University of Texas at El Paso

Office: CCSB 3.1006

Email: {saeid}at{}

The key theme in my research is to automate the process of finding and explaining bugs, vulnerabilities, and biases in large-scale software and machine learning systems. In particular, I am interested in analyzing differential properties of cyber systems that can lead to information leaks, denial-of-service issues, and adversarial-example attacks. My findings help discover multiple performance bugs in popular ML libraries such as scikit-learn and timing side-channel vulnerabilities in critical Java libraries such as OpenJDK and Apache ([1],[2],[3],[4],[5]). I lead the Responsible, Informative, and Secure Computing Lab (RISC) at UTEP.

I am looking for motivated students at any point in their education to join RISC lab. Please visit the lab web page for more information.

Software Engineering + Machine Learning for Security, Performance, and Fairness

See RISC Lab and Tools pages for more information.


Seminar Talks and Lectures

Honors and Awards

    • Recipient of the 2018 Gold Research Award from ECEE department of CU Boulder in April 2018.

    • Winner of Second Prize among 650 participants in the 1st Microsoft Open Source Challenge in April 2016

    • Graduated among top 10% of IT MS students in CE Department of Sharif University of Technology in Sep 2013.

    • Ranked 1st among 56 of BS students at ECE department of Tabriz University in July 2011.