PhD Student at CU Boulder

My field of research is about software analysis using machine learning and data mining tools. I am developing tools and approaches in order to automate finding bug/vulnerabilities and confirming their existence/absence in java programs and byte-codes. My research is under the supervision of Dr. Pavol Cerny and co-advice by Dr.

Projects: (ML + PL for security and performance)
Application of machine learning techniques for finding performance/security bugs [AAAI'18,TACAS'17]. 
DPDEBUGGER and DISCRIMINER tools are available.
See projects' page for more information.

Research Area
  • Application of Machine Learning for Software Security and Performance
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis for Software Security
  • Security and confidentiality analysis of machine learning models

I have been a Ph.D student at Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering (ECEE), University of Colorado Boulder since August 2015. Prior to that, I graduated from Sharif University of Technology with an M.S degree in IT under the supervision of Prof. Amir Hossein Jahangir in 2013. I received my B.S degree in Information Technology (IT) from Tabriz UniversityTabriz, Iran in 2011. 

Honors and Awards
  • Recipient of the 2018 Gold Research Award from ECEE department of CU Boulder in April 2018.
  • Winner of Second Prize among 650 participants (worldwide) in the 1st Microsoft Open Source Challenge in April 2016
  • Graduated among top 10% of IT MS students in CE Department of Sharif University of Technology in Sep 2013. 
  • Ranked 1st among 56 of BS students at ECE department of Tabriz University in July 2011. 
  • Email: {saeid.tizpazniari}at{}
  • Address: ECCS 121, CS Department, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, Co, 80309