Our research

Research in the Language, Development, and Cognition Lab investigates how language relates to cognition and how children learn language.

Our research is based on longitudinal and cross-sectional corpora of spontaneous and elicited production in different languages as well as data obtained in experimental settings. We conduct our research in the lab as well with the generous cooperation of our local institutions, including Tiny Minders Preschool, Active Louisville Kids Preschool, Louisville Public Library, and Gateway Amusement Park.

Lab members have also been involved in the annotation of (Hindi-Urdu and English) corpora with semantic role labels for the purposes of natural language processing (with Martha Palmer, University of Colorado, Boulder)

Contact Information

Our lab is located on the second floor of the Fleming Law Building at the corner of Baseline and Broadway (across the road from the Basemar Shopping Center).

Visitor parking is available outside the entrance to the building.

Room 290-291
Fleming Law Building
University of Colorado
2445 Kittredge Loop Road
Boulder CO 80305

To participate in our research, please contact us!
Phone: 303-492-1597 (landline, so please leave a voice message, not texts)
Email addresses:  ldclab.boulder@gmail.com

For parents: participate in research on how children understand space and number!
Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years who are acquiring English are invited to participate in our Number Sense Study.
For details, please click here: Ongoing Studies