Below is a list of courses I have taught in the areas of linguistics, sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology, discourse analysis, and women's and gender studies. I'm always interested in discussing pedagogy in the linguistics classroom and swapping teaching materialsif you are too, get in touch.

Current and Past Courses: 

West Chester University
  • Introduction to Linguistics (ENG/LIN 230)
  • Language, Gender, and Sexuality (ENG 240)
  • Structure of Modern English (ENG 331)
  • Dialects of American English (ENG 339)
  • Language, Gesture, and the Body (ENG 400)
  • Effective Writing (WRT 120)
  • Critical Writing and Research (WRT 200)
Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Cross-Cultural Communication (ANT 2330)
  • Anthropology of Language (ANT 2500)
  • Language, Gender, and Sexuality (ANT/WMS 3900) 
  • Introduction to Linguistics (ENG 2010)
University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Language in U.S. Society (LING 1000)
  • Literacy Practicum (LING 1900)
  • Language and Gender (LING 2400)
  • World Language Policy (LING 3545)
  • Gender and Contemporary Culture (WMST 2050)