I am an Associate Professor in the Department of English and Director of the Program in Linguistics at West Chester University. My research draws primarily on conversation analysis and interactional linguistics to examine language and the body in social interaction. One focus of my work is on the sociopragmatic functions of discourse markers and particles in American English. Another focus of my research is on the use of bodily resources during everyday conversation as well as talk in meetings, particularly the ways that English speakers deploy gaze, gesture, laughter, and interpersonal touch alongside language in their production of social action. I have also conducted research in sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology examining issues of language and identity in the United States, particularly with respect to gender and sexuality.

In the past I have taught for the programs in Anthropology and Linguistics at the Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Departments of Linguistics and Women and Gender Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I received my PhD from the University of Colorado's department of Linguistics, where I was involved with the program in Culture, Language, and Social Practice and the Graduate Teacher Program, and I was a postdoc at the Center for Women's Health Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

My pronouns are they/them or he/him.