The Morris Colloquium is an annual conference held in memory of Bertram Morris, who was a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado in Boulder from 1947 until his retirement in 1977. The conference is organized by the members of the Philosophy Department at CU-Boulder and supported by the generous contributions of the Bertram Morris Fund. The 2014 conference also received much appreciated funding from the Graduate Council on the Arts and Humanities, the President’s Fund for the Humanities, and the Women and Gender Studies Program. Many people have contributed to organizing this conference but the following individuals deserve special thanks: Valerie Bhat, Eric Chwang, Barrett Emerick, and Scott Wisor. In addition, we are very grateful for generous co-operation by the organizers of the Rocky Mountain Ethics Conference (RoME).

The 2014 Morris Colloquium will celebrate the work of Alison Jaggar, CU-Boulder College Professor of Distinction in Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies. In addition to three keynote speakers, there will be panel presentations by professional philosophers who studied with Jaggar at CU-Boulder and who currently work in “non-ideal theory.” Non-ideal theory is moral and political philosophy that takes as its starting point the extreme injustices that characterize our real world circumstances.

Panels will be organized in a workshop-style format. Papers will be posted on a password-protected website for pre-reading by conference participants. Presenters will give brief (10 minute) summaries of their papers in panels of 2-3, followed by extended discussions.

During both days, a series of panels will be presented by former students whose dissertations were supervised by Professor Jaggar. They include:

Each panelist will pre-circulate a previously unpublished paper.  Panels will include presentations of ten minutes by each of three philosophers, followed by forty-five minutes of discussion.

There is no registration fee for the conference, “In the Unjust Meantime,” which is open to RoME participants and all members of the CU and Boulder communities.

Disability accommodation
The lecture space and restaurant are wheelchair accessible. If you need other accommodations, please contact Ryan Jenkins at:

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