Welcome to ISDDE 2015! 

ISDDE 2015 is the eleventh conference of The International Society for Design and Development in Education (ISDDE).  ISDDE was formed to help educational designers around the world work effectively as a coherent professional design and development community. 

The goals of the Society are 
  1. improving the design and development process, 
  2. building a design community, and 
  3. increasing our impact on educational practice. 
This year’s conference theme, Educative Design, was selected to convey the educational opportunities in both the process and results of our designs. This year we gather in Boulder, Colorado, to continue to share our ideas on educational design principles and practices as well as our collective experiences, expertise, and examples of educational design work. 

The ISDDE'15 conference will take place from September 22-25, 2015 in Boulder, Colorado, USASituated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the University of Colorado Boulder will provide a uplifting natural landscape for presentations, showcase events, and working groups focused on design and development in education. The Boulder community is known for innovation in engineering, technology, science and the arts, and several of these local features will be reflected in program options.  

The venue for the conference will be the University Memorial Center at the University of Colorado Boulder with an excursion day to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park

The conference will draw upon the opportunities for aesthetic inspiration afforded by these venues and the interaction between natural, realistic and human-inspired design processes.