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Project Location

Nepal is landlocked between Tibet and India. Our current project location is Ilam which is located in the far eastern part of Nepal, approximately 7700 miles from Boulder,CO, see the map below.

The map below shows Ilam Bazaar and the surrounding area. The group of larger buildings to the left is the hospital campus where the reed bed was installed in the summer of 2010

Our previous projects were focused in Namsaling, just across the Mai Khola river from Ilam. Since the first trip to Namsaling in May 2007, we have been working on collecting as much geographical information as possible. Below are some of the maps we have been able to generate because of our mapping efforts and the health survey completed in June 2008. On the Health Survey page you can find more maps about the health survey. Also all of these maps can be downloaded at the bottom of the page as pdfs.
Political Map of Namsaling

Households of Namsaling

Mapped Water Sources of Namsaling