EWB-CU is (and has been) involved in many projects within Ilam district:

Mai Khola Sustainable Sanitation Managment (Ilam)
    Constructed Wetland (Reed Bed) system for Ilam municipality (implementation May 2010-July 2011)

Safe Water Plan (Namsaling)
    Spring Source Protection (Completed Summer 2009)
    Water Quality Monitoring (ongoing)

Health Survey (Namsaling & Ilam District)
    A community level survey of health, water, and sanitation of every household (Summer 2008-Summer 2009, data not yet presented- M.S. thesis [Fall, 2009- Amelia Lyons])

Hydropower (Ilam District)
    Potential future project

Mapping Projects
    Maps relating to water quality, spring source protection, and general maps of the community. (ongoing)