Summit History

Hosted by the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement, the Chancellor's Advisory Committeed, Boulder County, and the City of Boulder, the Diversity & Inclusion Summit is one of the most important campus gatherings of the year.  Over 80 educational and exploratory sessions offer a view of diversity beyond the most common definitions, highlighting the reseach, talents, and insights of faculty, students, and staff.  The purpose of the Summit is to bring the most current and up-to-date best practices around matters of diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice to campus.
The CU-Boulder Diversity & Inclusion Summit was first held in 1995 and was initially sponsored by the Chancellor's Committee On Race and Ethnicity (CCORE, formerly CACMA).  The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement (ODECE), with representatives from each of the Chancellor's Advisory Committees, took the lead in organizing the event in 2008.  In 2011 CU-Boulder started partnering with the City of Boulder to host a Summit geared at the campus and local communities.
To view a summary of the 2011 Summit and what we hope participants will gain from it, please view our YouTube video.
Previous schedules from 2011 and 2012 are also linked below for you to see the types of sessions we have hosted in the past.
A list of previous Diversity & Inclusion Summit themes and keynote speakers is below.
 YearThemeKeynote Speaker 
 2012 AMP it UP:  Awareness, Movement, and Practice Peggy McIntosh - "Using Privilege as a Catalyst for Change" 
 2011 Taking the Next Step Alma Clayton-Pederson - "Making Excellence Inclusive:  A Bolder Imperative for the CU System and Communities" 
 2010 Expanding our Minds:  Encompassign Diversity and Practicing Inclusion Luoluo Hong - "Preventing cmpus gender violence: on crossroads, courage, and community" 
 2009 (November) Diversity:  What's in it for me? Scott Green & Amy Ho - "A World of Opportunity"
 2009 (February)  Brenda J. Allen - "Inclusive Excellence in Higher Education" 
 2008 Learning from Our Past to Build a Better Future Joseph C. Silva - "Misunderstanding Psychological Disabilities"
 2007 Fighting Oppression at CU:  the Reality and Impact of Privilege Robert Jensen - "The Reality of Race Gender, and Class Privilege:  Beyond the Politics of Diversity" 
 2006 Diversity 9-1-1 Lee Mun Wah - "An Unfinished Conversation"
 2005 Wake Up!  Diversity is Now! Greg Sarris - "Diversity:  Power and Dialogue"
 2004 Revitalizing Community:  From Hope to Action Elizabeth Martinez - "Making Another World Possible:  Organizing for Action" 
 2003 Bias, Blame, and Bigotry:  Stressors on Diverse Communities Julianne Malveaux - "What is stressing our communities?" 
 2002 Unmasking the Practices of Oppression, Dominance, and Discrimination Jane Elliott - "The Anatomy of Prejudice"
 2001 A Closer Look at Privilege:  Recognizing, Rethinking, Re-envisioning Cassandra Sewall - "The Gift"
 2000 Integrating Diversity, Scholarship, and Action Rodney Hero 
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