Stephen Becker (assistant professor in Applied Math)

PhD Students
Farhad Pourkamali-Anaraki (Electrical Engineering)

          • Algorithmic and statistical aspects of modeling and optimization for big data analytics 
          • Scalable computational tools for large-scale data analysis, statistical signal processing, and machine learning
          • Signal and image processing using sparse and low-dimensional models
          • Randomized numerical linear algebra

James Folberth (Applied Math)

          • Algorithms for k-means and Gaussian mixture models
          • Adjoint operators for first order algorithms
          • Blind channel estimation via optimization

Jessica Gronski (Applied Math)

          • Nuclear Norms for Collaborative Filtering
          • Interior Point Methods

Masters Students
Derek Driggs (Applied Math, BS/MS)

          • Provably accelerated algorithms for robust principal component analysis
          • Parallelizable algorithms for randomized matrix decompositions
          • Multilinear methods in big-data analytics

Undergraduate Students

  • Benjamin van Court (2015-2016, BS Electrical Engineering, BS Engineering Physics)
    • Projects: fingerprint analysis using curvelets, formant-based speech editor