Classroom Newsletter

March 27-31
Spelling Lesson #22
  1. pouch
  2. March
  3. coach
  4. peach
  5. hutch
  6. perch
  7. fetch
  8. speech
  9. patch
  10. leech
  11. catch
  12. beach
  13. match
  14. reach
  15. ditch
  16. wrench
  17. pitcher
  18. stomach
  19. switch
  20. sketching


Night, knight, probability, onomatopoeia, simile

Vocabulary Lesson 15

1.     Chapter Headings- The title of a chapter in a book written in bold print

2.     Revise- to review and make changes in order to make correct

3.     Product- the answer to a multiplication problem

4.     Area- the part inside a shape

5.     Check for understanding- to stop when reading to see if you can remember what you have read.

6.     Run-on sentences- A sentence that should be separated into two different sentences.

7.     Rounding- when a number is 5 or larger it can be raised to one number greater.

8.     Array-  the arrangement of objects using columns and rows to show the answer to a multiplication problem

9.     Chronological order- arranged in order of when something happened.

10.Story elements- The 5 major parts of a story- Character, setting, conflict, plot, and theme

11.Three- dimensional- shapes categorized by numbers of sides, having faces, edges, or vertices.

Character Assembly

The Character word for March is.


 We will have a short Character assembly in the gym on March 31st at 1:30pm

Students being recognized for Honesty are:

Mia Brackett, Kaylee Crawford, Kaleb Randolph, and Talan Rush!!

Way to go guys!!! J

No School Fridays in April and May!! 

March 24th-30th- Book Fair!

April 4th&5th and 11th & 12th OSTP Reading and Math Test


April 17th- Dibels BM #3

April 20th- May the Fourth be with you

April 25th McTeacher Night

May 3rd – 3rd Grade Fieldtrip Skating

May 16th End of the year Program

May 18th- Color Walk