E2020 Online Class Overview

Edgenuity (E2020) is different than a traditional course because it is self-paced and online; you will learn all the concepts covered in a regular class at your own pace in an online environment. Much of your coursework  will take place during this class period; however, you will be required to access the program through the library and/or home access if you fall behind. 

Because Edgenuity is self-paced though, you will be taking on more responsibility for yourself than you do in a traditional high school class. To be successful with this course it is essential that you are present and on time every day, on task at all times within the class, and track/maintain your progress throughout the course. You will need to move efficiently though the material. Once the semester is finished, you are out of time.

Edgenuity is very dependent on reading material and listening to and comprehending online lectures. Taking notes during lectures is STRONGLY encouraged. The time requirement outside of class for these courses will be directly related to your work ethic and your processing speed within the class time.  Also, since this is an internet based program, there may be some days when the Internet is non-accessible in class. You must complete 100% of the course with a 60% passing grade. It is possible to redo assignments, quizzes, and tests in order to achieve a better grade, but you will need to contact me in case E2020 does not automatically reset the assignment.