Collinsville FFA

FFA Motto:

Learning to Do,

Doing to Learn,

Earning to Live,

Living to Serve

Welcome to the Collinsville FFA website. We use multiple platforms to try to keep everyone informed. Be sure to check out all the tabs so you don't miss anything and follow us on social media!




Alumni Board is hosting elections soon. We are hoping to see more parents and community members involved. You are not required to be a former FFA member, you are not required to be a Collinsville graduate either! Even if you do not feel like a board position is for you we still encourage anyone who wants to help to participate!

Blue and Gold will be delivered on September 22nd! We do not have freezer space for every students orders so we need you to pick up your order between 11 am and 3:45 pm.


Parents/guardians: Please have your student(s) log on to and make sure they have all the contact information added to their profile. There is also a medical release, emergency contact and photo release form that I need you to complete. Since your forms will be in AET I can access them from anywhere which makes things easy when we are traveling!


Tulsa State Fair entries are due on Monday!

Tulsa County Fall Fair will be held in Collinsville on September 3rd and 4th. The event will be streamed on Facebook. EVERYONE in the barn will be required to wear a mask. There will not be any pens in the barn, you will show out of trailers. All students who show will need the signed waiver that was emailed to you this morning or you will not be allowed to show.

8/26/2020: We have a small order of Blue and Gold arriving next week. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Students are also taking orders. Those orders are due by 9/11 and will arrive 1-2 weeks after 9/11. Don't forget that visitors cannot just show up mid day to pick up orders. Please contact Mrs. Hamlin at 918-371-4882 or to place your order and arrange pick up times.

8/24/2020: FFA Members will be required to wear masks at events such as livestock shows until further notice! Athletics, band, etc are requiring masks at their events and we must follow the same rules. Association shows or events where you are not participating as a Collinsville FFA Member you can do as you please but any event where you are representing Collinsville Schools will require a mask.

New for Fall 2020 Semester:

  • No visitors will be allowed in the building unless they have been deemed an "essential visitor" and completed the check in process at the main office. This means no stopping in during your child's class to sign papers, pick up fundraising products, etc. Students will not be allowed to leave the building to meet visitors either so no dropping off lunch, athletic gear, etc at the Ag -Ed building. ALL drop off/pick up must go through the main office!

  • High school doors will unlock at 8:30 am. Students who are not enrolled in our first hour course do not need to be in the building before school starts as this makes contact tracing difficult in the event that someone becomes ill.

  • After school- in the past it was not uncommon for students to stay in the Ag building after school until parents picked them up. It was also common for students to stay after school for several hours working on various projects. Due to the fact that our cleaning staff must be able to disinfect the building we will be limiting the time spent in the building after school. Once we leave for the day there is no coming back into the building until the next morning at 8:30 am so do not leave anything in the building that you may need. Anything scheduled for after school will need to be kept short and be necessary (meaning no staying until 5 pm to work on a project that you could work on at home).

Our new building is located where the red circle is in the photo above. As of now signage is not up so finding us can be confusing!