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Collinsville Middle School Yearbook -

The mission of the Collinsville Middle School yearbook is to record the events and lifestyles of the students at CMS. We endeavor to capture the spirit of our school community each year. The staff’s main goal is to provide students with a visual and written representation of Collinsville Middle School’s successful and diverse academic programs, extracurricular activities, sports programs, staff and student body.

Alicia Herald
Yearbook Sponsor

CMS Academic Team -

It is the mission of Collinsville Middle School Academic Team to promote lifelong learning, celebrate academic achievement and enhance self-confidence as members of a team by providing healthy yet challenging opportunities for middle school students to develop both academic, social and personal skills.

Staff Sponsor:
Gale Blevins

Collinsville Middle School Student Council -

Our mission is to provide leadership opportunities for students that will prepare them for the future. We also foster school spirit and unity through school-wide assemblies and activities.

Diana Cook


Collinsville FFA

Cardinal Choir