Starting in 2016, the Collinsville School District will be providing a safer learning environment for the students and staff of Collinsville Public Schools. Partnering with the community, our new security department extends its professional security and resource services to the visitors, residents, and other law enforcement agencies that reside within the district boundaries. This department will pro-actively serve and protect all 6 Collinsville campuses, centers, and administrative offices. Should the need arise, the Collinsville Police Department can provide up to ten additional officers.

Collinsville Public Schools’ Director of Campus Security will be Captain Daniel Boggs. He is a twenty-five year veteran of Law Enforcement, who retired from the City of Collinsville in 2016. He has completed the required law enforcement training academy, which includes cultural diversity, racial profiling, sexual crimes, and child abuse investigation, along with critical incident training. Captain Boggs has an Advanced Law Enforcement certificate with the State of Oklahoma.

Captain Boggs will be stationed on campuses throughout the district. He will also conduct classes for elementary and secondary campuses, to educate students on special topics, such as the dangers of alcohol and drugs, safety issues on school buses, or walking home alone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Campus Security,

Captain Daniel Boggs.