District Health and Nursing Staff:

Amy Nugent, RN, 
Upper Elementary (CUE)

Lisa Glover, CNA,
Herald Elementary

Amanda Trimble, CNA,
Early Childhood Center

Denetta Marler, CNA,
High School

Students will not be allowed to transport medications to and from school. Medications must be brought to the office by a parent/guardian and the proper paperwork must be completed. Medications will not be administered if proper procedures are not followed. This applies to all campuses. Disciplinary action may be taken if students are found with medication. Please refer to the Medication Policy (available online and in the Health Office) or call Amy Nugent @ 918-371-1773.

Medication Policy (doc) 5/9/2013
– Important information regarding the school’s medication policy

Medication Policy Acknowledgement Form (doc) 4/9/2013
– Acknowledgement of the school’s medication policy

Medication Permission Form (Jan. 2013 Rev)
– Gives Collinsville Public Schools personnel authorization to administer medications to your child. All medications must be provided by parent/guardian and be in ORIGINAL bottle/container, if it is a prescription it MUST have current pharmacy label.

Request for Treatment
– For all inhalers, breathing treatments, and EpiPens. MUST be in ORIGINAL bottle/container with current pharmacy label.

Authorization to Transport / Carry Medications on Student (Jan. 2013 Rev)
– Allows students to transport and/or carry medications with them such as inhalers, EpiPens, and diabetic supplies

Emergency Transport Authorization
– Necessary medical information in the event your child needs to be transported by ambulance due to injury or illness

ECC Health History (2 pages)
– Early Childhood Center Only

Health Record Update (Jan. 2013 Rev)
– 1st – 12th Grade Only


Meningitis Information For Parents (pdf)

Facts About Meningococcal Meningitis and Immunization (doc)