Mrs. Ericson's Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                          October 19th, 2012


We’ve been studying:

-Rhyming, Beginning Sounds & Sound Matching

-Clapping Syllables in Words, Segmentation, Blending

-Reading Comprehension & Making Predictions

-Sounds: Short A (EX:  Apple), Long A (EX: Acorn)

  B, C: Soft C (EX: city), Hard C (EX: Cat), CH, D,

  Short E (EX:  Elephant), Long E (EX:  Eagle), F,

  Hard G (EX: goat), Soft G (EX: giraffe), H

-Sight Words:  on, was, is, the, & color words

-Fall & the Seasons, Fish, Leaves, Fire Prevention

-Positional Words, Numbers, Patterns, Graphing


We had a great time when the firemen and Smokey the Bear visited us!  We learned SO much and LOVED learning about the fire trucks!

Our art teacher, Mr. Byrd visited and brought his guitars for “G” week!  He taught us about the guitars, played both his acoustic and electric guitars for us, and even gave us each a turn to play the electric guitar!

Our Halloween Costume Party will be October 30th at 2:15.  Please check the party committee schedule inside your child’s daily folder for names of committee members.  Students are invited to bring a costume to change into for the party.  We will be having a costume parade in our building.  Each classroom will walk around the building in and out of every classroom.  Costume guidelines include:  No toy weapons, no fake blood, and no make-up.  Please be sure costumes are not too “gorey” or scary.  We want every one to have a merry time, not a scary time.  Thank you so much for your help with this.  J 

Our Kindergarten homework is going very well.  Thank you all so much for your help!  Please continue to help your child with them, sign your name on it, and return it to school.  Each time your child brings homework back to school, they will earn a sticker on their chart.  When students accumulate a number of stickers on their chart they earn the ability to choose a prize from the prize box here at school.  This little bit and few minutes of extra practice combined with doing it with an adult at home while they get to engage in 1-1 time and attention greatly benefit their academic success.

Thank you all so much for being such great partners in your child’s educational process!  Have a wonderful weekend!



                            Mrs. Gina Ericson



Notes From Mr. Watson:

       We are so happy to have several new families  and new faces in our schools this year.  This reminds us that the safety of each of our students is critical.  To help ensure that each student arrives safely at their after school destination, we are asking families to help us as we begin using a new dismissal process for students who do not ride the bus:


1. All non-bus students will move to the gym when dismissed by the classroom teacher.  This is similar to what we are doing now.


2. Parents, older siblings (non-elementary), grandparents, & childcare providers who are waiting to pick up students will wait in the lunchroom.


3. Students who are walking alone or walking with an elementary sibling will be dismissed from the gym to walk home after the buses have departed our building.


4. Parents & older students who are picking up an elementary student may then enter the gym to meet their student.


5. The adult monitoring the gym will make note of each remaining child & with whom the child is leanving.


6. Students whose parent has not yet arrived will move to the school office to wait.


The elementary Kappa Kappa Gamma Fun Night will be held in the elementary building on Friday, November 2nd from 6:00-8:00.  This is a wonderful event for all preschool/elementary school students and their families.  PIE will be serving hotdogs and beefburgers this evening as a part of its fund-raising efforts that help support our school.