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                                             What is Comprehensive School Counseling?
The ultimate goal of a comprehensive school counseling program is student success. The program's design, delivery, and content are dedicated to enhancing the ability of all students to fully utilize the educational opportunities available to them.  
The school counselor serves as a leader, advocate, and collaborator working to recognize and remove systemic barriers to student success. Resulting positive changes include increased student achievement, an improved graduation rate, better attendance, reduced disciplinary referrals, completed individual learning plans, and increased student participation in the community. Please see Comprehensive School Counseling Program  for more information.




            Collegiate Academy's School Counseling Mission Statement 



Our mission is to maximize the potential of all students, helping them to become capable, confident, caring, and productive members of society. CAC's School Counsel
or will consult and collaborate with families, teachers, and administrators to assist students in building skills to be successful academically and personally. Our ultimate goal is for our students to graduate with the competencies necessary to make self- directed, realistic, and responsible decisions, and to be successful contributors to society.

Our Core Values

Integrity: Collegiate students do the right thing regardless of whether anybody sees them. This value goes beyond honesty to require sincerity in communicating and living.

Perseverance: Our students see their problems as challenges, hurdles to overcome. They see their problems as weights to build strong character. By shifting the way they think about problems, Collegiate students change their
thought patterns to improve their attitude and perception of a given situation.

Ownership: Collegiate students are held accountable and responsible for present and future actions. They take pride in the work they do and are honest with adults, peers and community members. When their work is strong, they
showcase it, and when their work lags, they improve it by owning the notion that we can always do just a little better.

Quality: Our students follow the rule that no matter how great or small, one always puts his or her best effort forward. The notion of doing quality work is a confidence builder that improves our reputation with ourselves, our teachers, and our peers