Welcome to the 3rd & 4th grade at Collegiate Academy of Colorado! 
Learn Together-Lead Together!
                                                   3rd - Ms. Mulholland  *** 4th - Mrs. Weber & Ms. Reynolds

Essential Information  
  • Extended Days - Extended days are every Tuesday from 3:00-4:00 for Ms. Mulholland and Wedneadays for Mrs. Weber and Mrs. Reynolds. Students will attend by invitation only. Requests are also accepted. 
  • Thursday Folders - Just a friendly reminder to check your students Thursday folders weekly, to see how your student is performing (academically & behaviorally) and to remain updated with classroom, and school-wide events.
  • Reading Logs - (3rd grade only) We will send home reading logs every Friday.  Track their minutes on the log each day (that Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), write the total minutes, get a parent signature, and hand it in the following Friday morning.  The reading logs do factor into the student's homework grades.  30 minutes a night = Advanced (A). 20 minutes a night = proficient (B) 10 minutes a night= partially proficient.  Anything less is unsatisfactory. The grading will go as follows: 
    • 210+ minutes - 10 pts

    • 175+ - 9 pts

    • 140+ - 8 pts

    • 70+ - 7 pts.

    • 0+ - 5 pts. reading tracking form signed and turned in
  • Spelling - Students will be getting a lot of support and instruction with their words in class; therefore we do not require them to study and practice them at home; however, we strongly recommend that they do.  The students have a list of fun spelling activities in their homework binder that will support their learning and mastery of their weekly words.   
  • Math- There will be homework most nights unless there is a test review or a test.  
  • Nightly Homework- We will post daily homework on Class Dojo at the end of the school day to keep you updated with all assignments.  

Upcoming Events  
  • End of Year Map Testing- April 29-May 2
  • Field Day- May 3rd 9:00-11:45
  • 4th Grade Colorado Program- Wednesday, May 15 6:00
  • Field Trip to the Phoenix Mine- Friday, May 17
  • Last Day of School-Thursday, May 23rd.  Dismissal at 1:00
Core Values
We take them to the heart.
Core Value of the week: Ownership

If your child would like to bring in something for the class for their birthday, we would request that it be a non-food item (i.e. small party favors, pencils, bubbles, erasers, etc.) to avoid issues with allergies and diet preferences.  Another great idea would be to donate something to the classroom that all the students can enjoy which can also count towards volunteer hours/donations. 

Water Bottles and Snacks
Please be sure to pack your child a healthy snack and a water bottle every day.  We will be having snack every morning at 9:25.  Since lunch is at 11:40, this is important to sustain learning throughout the day.  Water bottle should be filled with water only.