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IA 4 Growth

posted May 3, 2015, 12:04 PM by Evan Stoudt
The amount of growth between IA 4 and IA 5 was tremendous!  Truly record-breaking.  Nearly everyone in Algebra I had major growth from one IA to the next and the majority of scholars grew over 10 percentage points.  Here's the list of scholars who made the most growth on the IA.

Hagans, Kennedy48%
Castillo, Marlen42%
Vu, Darian37%
Petty, Jahtyra31%
Leach, Ayannica31%
Carradine, Tyrone28%
Albert, Shaniya27%
Lucas, Lavonte'27%
Boyce, Ameria27%
Cannon, Christiann25%
Donald, Tyja24%
Rodgers, Alisha24%
Russell, D'Myron23%
Branch, Diamond21%
Addison, Ernest21%
Bryant, Dante20%
Johnson, Damon19%
Porter, Cobe19%
Reed, Asha19%
Collins, Darell18%
Williams, Tye'A17%
Nelson, Amaria17%
Otowoshe, Destiny17%
Hayes, Jarmone16%
Hammond, Karry14%
Harris, Semaj14%
Arbuthnot, Devin14%
Pham, My13%
Barnes, Malik12%
Winsley, Kayla12%
Banks, Tazia11%
Mcclendon, Aashamad10%
Quincy, Paul10%