What this page is / isn't!
The mastery page is your home when you're looking to discover how you are performing on each of the skills that have been assessed.  This page will give you no indication of your grades; if you're interested in finding out your grades for Algebra I, check your School Runner account to find them.

How this page should be useful:
After each quiz, test, or major assessment, you can check here to find out what score you got for each objective.  Your scores will be linked to your scholar id number.  After you know how your scores stack up, you could spend time on this website reviewing the videos, classwork, or problem sets for the skill so when you see problems like it again your scores improve.

Week 25:
  • Quadratics & Linear Functions Quiz
    • The material on this quiz came from our college prep packet and the week 25 classwork on quadratics.
    • If you see a zero but you took the quiz, come to tutoring to fix it.

Week 26: