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Spelling City

Do you know about Spelling City?

Spelling City is a new and innovative interactive educational site used to help children of all ages improve their spelling skills and expand their vocabulary. Spelling City is widely used by teachers and parents to teach students how to spell by creating and saving individual and unique spelling lists. The approach of Spelling City is to enforce the elements of Spelling through interactive learning.

Spelling City offers over 38,000 words and sentences. Each of the words is spoken by a "real" human voice to offer the student more clarity. With each created list, a student has the option to: Teach Me, Test Me, or Play A Game.

The "Teach Me" option allows students to reflect on each word of their spelling list while the list and coordinating sentence are being read aloud.

The "Test Me" option allows students to take a test from any spelling list at any time. This test option gives the students the ability to hear just the word or have a sentence read.

The "Play A Game" option allows students to play a variety of learning games with any spelling list. Spelling City offers learning games such as Hang Mouse, Word Search, Unscramble, and many more.