Collegiate Link It & Live It Wellness Program

Download and enjoy our Link It & Live It theme song --
Make It My Day
.  (Songwriters Mike Boyd and Danny Reyes, Producer Rich Stine, and Singer Danny Reyes)

The Link It & Live It Wellness Program inspires and empowers the school community to make healthful choices. Link It & Live It provides opportunities for our school community to take ownership for present and future wellness.                      
We focus on the link between sleep, healthful eating, and physical activity and how they each impact our heart, brain, and body.

Collegiate Wellness Program Overview:

  • Student Link It Teams in MS and LS
  • Upper School (US) Student Wellness
  • Employee Wellness
  • Parent Wellness Education
  • Morning Fitness for LS Students - JumpStart
  • Cafeteria Committee

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“Active RVA” Certified For Two Years!

In 2013, the Sports Backers established the “Active RVA” certification and awards program to recognize the region’s exceptional employers and schools that implement innovative programs to promote wellness. The organizations and schools that become “Active RVA” Certified serve as role models in the community. For two years in a row, Collegiate has received this certification. Currently, Collegiate is the only private school to receive this award. 

2013 Active RVA Awards Luncheon