Weekly Report...
Below you will find a brief summary of each session with pictures or video!

Week 5 
Max tries on his goose costume 

Snack time

Practice those lines!

Drama games with Erin 

Week 4 - Celebrating Difference

     During this week’s workshop, the Oz Project focused on the theme “celebrating differences”. During opening circle, we used a giant rainbow to discuss why having differences are good, emphasizing that it makes each person unique and special. Before we observed how everyone looks unique in their own ways, we walked around the room with paper masks over our faces.  Together we discussed what it would be like if everyone looked the same, and how we need differences to stand apart from other people!

      The theme of celebrating differences continued into our different activities for the day. During drama games, we played either one of two games. The first involved acting out our favorite thing to do within a category for our teammates to guess. This showed that everyone could like different things. The other game involved a physical obstacle course where we had to work together to get across the lava. Every one of us had a different challenge to overcome, such as being blindfolded or having our legs tied. Everyone had to do get across the lava, but in different ways through teamwork! During snack time, we drew different ideas for our costumes, and shared both how each character was different from another and a time we felt different from someone else. Rehearsal was focused on differences in characters as well, and we practiced bringing our characters into life through different mannerisms and voices. During music, we talked about different genres of music, and how different elements such as pitch, rhythms and lyrics all work together to make beautiful sounds. We also practiced our songs for the play.

      We learned so much about inner and outer differences this week. During the closing circle, each group shared something unique they learned about themselves and their teammates. We all agreed that differences make up who we are as a unique person, and that the world would be a boring place if we were all the same!


Week 3 - Expressing Emotions
 This week at
the Oz Project, we focused on the importance of expressing emotions. In Opening Circle, we discussed what exactly an emotion is and some of the children stood up and gave examples. We stressed how vital emotions are to a performance, as well as being important in everyday interactions with friends and family. At the end of Opening Circle, everyone stood up and we all walked in a circle and acted out different emotions together.         
        As we moved to Drama Games, the theme of the week continued while we played the game, "Bamboozle". Each member of the group stood up and had to express an emotion by only using the word "Bamboozle". The other children had to guess what emotion was being acted out and the game was a huge success! At Snack, each group discussed what they did during different emotionally charged times in their lives. We heard about how the children calmed themselves down and what they did when they became overjoyed. During Music, the children guessed certain emotions that were played in song clips for them, and after they continued practicing their group songs for the final performance. At Rehearsal, the children acted out their parts with varying emotions while the other children watched and guessed which emotion it was. The rest of Rehearsal time was spent practicing each group's scene for the play. 
        Lastly, during Closing Circle we went over what happened during the day and each group stood up to share specific encounters with emotion their group experienced that day. The children are coming together more and more each week and we can't wait to see them on stage!"

Week 2 - Cooperation and Teamwork
This week we began by playing an activity called “Sound Symphony.”  Each child chose their own sound and then we went around the circle, adding one sound at a time to the group.  By the end, we all worked together to produce a pretty great symphony!
            At the snack station, kids used teamwork by partnering up and bringing the appropriate food items to their partner.  In music, the kids learned how they could each sing different sounds to create a chord.  Then they practiced the opening song for Character Matters, which all of our groups will work together to sing in the final performance. At the drama games station, our younger groups played the mirror game, where partners took turns leading and following each other’s movements.  Our older groups played the machine game, where each child picks a motion that will be part of the group’s “machine,” and each motion must be connected to the one before it.  All groups then go to do a blind obstacle course, where group members helped talk one member through an obstacle course.  During rehearsal, parts were assigned!  Each child should have approximately the same amount of lines, so everyone has a chance to be a star!
            To end the day, we sat in a circle and each group had the opportunity to share the team name they had chosen for themselves. Some kids also shared examples of teamwork from the session. Finally, we sang the closing song together. 
            Can’t wait to see you all next week!

Week 1 - Making New Friends!

Things that went home: 
- A personalized CD for each child so they can practice their songs

This week, we began by introducing ourselves and playing a fun getting to know you game.  Each child received one note card with a motion on it.  They were instructed to make that motion and find the one other person making that same motion.  Kids introduced themselves to their partners and shared something interesting about themselves. The children then returned to their counselors, who led their groups to one of four stations.

At the snack station, kids had an opportunity to relax and answer some questions about themselves and the other kids in their group.  In music, each group learned the hello and goodbye song that we will sing every week to open and close the day.  In rehearsal, the groups were familiarized with the play and each group read through the script for the scene they will perform.  At the drama games station, kids participated in a game called “taxi” where children got to choose different roles and perform them for one another.

To end the day, we sat in a circle and children had the opportunity to share something about one of the new friends they made. Finally, we sang the closing song together.

Looks like the Oz Project is off to a great start!