Moodling Beyond the Basics

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Faculty - Beyond the Basics (back to the basics - here)

 Topic Instructions
Moodle Help
Quick Icon
Quick Overview
 Configure course/enrollments
 Create/Enroll guest (non-Colgate) users          Submit a Helpline request or complete this on-line Moodle account request form
 Change site language
         Administration | Settings | Language | Force language
 Send Moodle Message
 Overview        Due to the nature and complexity of Moodle Messages we do not recommend their routine use for formal communications. Use the News Forum or Quickmail instead.
Topic/site editing
 Add a document (alternate).
 Instructions        Add a resource... | Link to a file or website
 Add an RSS Feed.
 Instructions         (Block | Add...)
 Add missing Quickmail block .
 Instructions         (Block | Add...)
 Copy Resources/Activities
     Sharing Cart
 Adding an Assignment (Add an activity...)
 Submit text assignment .
 Instructions        Add an activity... | Assignments | Online text (Students enter submission via text box in a web form)
 Upload a file assignment .
 Instructions        Add an activity... | Assignments | Upload a single file (Dropbox equivalent)
 Advanced uploading of files assignment .
 Instructions        Add an activity... | Assignments | Advanced uploading of files  (Dropbox equivalent)
(Students upload one or more files and teacher can upload a response)

 Adding Multiple-Choice Questions
 Instructions    Administration | Questions
 Resetting a quiz attempt
 Working with files (documents)
 Moodle Course Files .
 Add a document (alternate).
 Instructions         (Add a resource... | Link to a file or website) *
 Upload multiple files.
 Advanced Topics
 YouTube Video
 Embedded media    
 Copy content from site to site (Import)
     Administration | Import  
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