Sharing Cart

The Moodle Sharing Cart Add-on allows us to copy a Resource or Activity object from one course to another or to another location in a course. The latter approach lets us "clone" objects which will differ only slightly, such as weekly discussions, which can be placed as desired in the course and edited rather than created from scratch.

The Sharing Cart is particularly useful for reorganizing your course with an Electronic Reserves section.
We ask you to not modify course content added and maintained by the Colgate Libraries, typically in a clearly marked Electronic Reserves section of your Moodle course. Only the Libraries should be copying or updating these items! Using the Sharing Cart you can make copies of the Electronic Reserves items and put them in appropriate locations in your course, rename them, or add labels to enhance their usefulness to students.

The Sharing Cart is a course block which must be added for each course desired, after which it will be available to all course Teachers.

Audience: Teachers (Faculty)

Related topics: Import, Backup

Moodle Instructions - Sharing Cart