Import (Copy) Course Site Content

Course content, including activities, can be imported to a site from any of your other sites which are on line in Moodle (if a site is not on the current Moodle system you must Restore a course backup archive). Although you can select items individually, Import does not permit total control over the copy process - course topic summaries will be restored automatically and content locations will be reproduced (that is, a document in topic 5 in the source course must be copied to topic 5 in the destination).

Electronic Reserves Note: Although we cannot prevent it, we ask you to not copy course content added and maintained by the Colgate Libraries. Such content typically in a clearly marked Electronic Reserves section of your Moodle course. Only the Libraries should be copying or updating these items; ITS will not copy them from course to course.

To copy a single item between courses (or within a course) you may find the Sharing Cart to be more efficient. 

ITS and the Libraries can migrate entire courses or sections from archives or old on-line courses; details are here.

Audience: Faculty (Teachers)

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Moodle Instructions - Faculty - Import Course Materials