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These fundamental Moodle functions are likely to be used at some time by almost every Colgate professor. We encourage faculty to review the list and learn or refine those Moodle skills which they consider useful.  Instructions are under development for each of these items. The standard Moodle Help icon next to an item below should be a link to the system help for that topic (just as it is in Moodle).
A similar collection of fundamental skills is being developed for students here. More advanced topics (beyond the basics) are here.

Feedback: Your comments on these instructions are encouraged. At the bottom of each instruction page is a link for comments. Please let us know what doesn't work (and what does) for you.

Faculty Basics (beyond the basics - here)

 Topic Instructions
Moodle Help
Quick Icon
Quick Overview
 Configure personal settings
 Change E-mail preferences .
Administration | Profile | Edit Profile | (Show Advanced)
 Adding your photo .
Administration | Profile | Edit Profile | Picture of
 Change overall course site configuration
 Topics vs weekly .
 Administration | Settings | Format
 Change number of topics .
 Administration | Settings | Number of Weeks/Topics
 Hide selected blocks .
 Turn Editing On | hide/reveal button on each block
 Create a meta-course
By request
 Submit a Helpline request
 Working with a Metacourse Overview    
 Ready your site for students
Make site available (visible) for students.
       Administration | Settings | Availability
Make gradebook visible for students.
Instructions        Administration | Settings | Show gradebook to students
Change participants (enrollments)
Instructions        Administration | Assign roles
 Create/Enroll non-Colgate guest users          Submit a Helpline request or complete this on-line Moodle account request form
 Change site language
         Administration | Settings | Language | Force language
 Communicate with your class
 Overview    We recommend that you use the News forum and Quickmail (NOT MESSAGES)
 Post an announcement; Send an e-mail to class
Instructions       News Forum
 Send e-mail to part of your class
Instructions       Quickmail
 Add e-mail attachment
 Send Moodle Message
 Overview       Due to the nature and complexity of Moodle Messages we do not recommend their routine use for formal communications.
 Basic topic/site editing
 Configure site/weeks/topics headings
 Add topic headings
 Add a course banner image
 Add a document
Instructions        Add a resource... | Upload a file
 Add a document (alternate)
Instructions        Add a resource... | Link to a file or website
 Reorganize (moving) course content
 Add a link
Instructions        Add a resource... | Link to a file or website
 Add imagesInstructions
 Add/configure a forum
Instructions        Add an activity... | Forum
 Add an RSS Feed
Instructions         (Block | Add...)
 Add missing Quickmail block
Instructions         (Block | Add...)
 Adding an Assignment (Add an activity...)
 Submit text assignment
Instructions        Add an activity... | Assignments | Online text (Students enter submission via text box in a web form)
 Upload a file assignment
 Add an activity... | Assignments | Upload a single file  (Dropbox equivalent)
 Advanced uploading of files assignment
     Add an activity... | Assignments | Advanced uploading of files (Dropbox equivalent)
(Students upload one or more files and teacher can upload a response)

 Working with files (documents)
 Add a document
Instructions         (Add a resource... | Upload a file) *
 Add a document (alternate) .
Instructions         (Add a resource... | Link to a file or website) *
 Other Topics
 Gradebook Topics
 Migrating Course Content from Blackboard
 Working with a Metacourse

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Faculty Moodling beyond the basics is here

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