Migrating Your Content

Migrating Your Content from Moodle 2.2 to Moodle 2.5

Moving from moodle.colgate.edu to newmoodle.colgate.edu

Moving content from one version of Moodle to another can be performed in different ways, depending upon your needs.

Simple Download
Visit your old course (moodle.colgate.edu) and download the assets that you require. Simply upload those assets to your new course (newmoodle.colgate.edu).

Faculty will have access to the previous version of Moodle for one year. After that period, access to this content will require the submission of a help ticket. 

Back-Up & Restore
Visit the old course (oldmoodle.colgate.edu) that you would like to migrate. Locate the Course administration pane.

Select Backup from the Course administration pane. The following menu will appear.  
Uncheck Include enrolled users
Choose Next.

Next you will be presented with the Schema settings panel. This is an opportunity to pick and choose the assets you would like to migrate. By default, all items are checked, meaning all items checked will be backed up. Uncheck any assets you do not want to include. You may also uncheck empty sections of the course that you do not want to migrate. Choose Next.

The next panel displays a summary of the back up items and displays a default filename. You may use any filename you choose here or simply leave the default. Choose Perform backup.

The following message should be displayed : The backup file was successfully created.
If an error message occurs, please enter an ITS Help ticket.

Click Continue.

The next page that loads will display a summary of backup files. From here, choose Download from the table of backup files (this will be the entry at the top of the table and there may only be one).

Save the file (a zip file) to your computer. This concludes the back up portion of the migration.

Migrating Backup File Content to a Current course

Log in to the current semester's version of Moodle and visit your course. If your Backup file is larger than the normal 20MB course upload size limit, you must increase this in Administration | Course settings (Quicksets More Settings) | Files and uploads | Maximum upload size. 

In the Course administration panel locate and choose Restore 

Drag and drop the backup file (downloaded in the previous steps) on to the panel as indicated below. You may also use the 'Choose a file...' link to open an interactive dialog box and choose the file from your computer in this manner. 

When complete, the panel should look similar to below.

Click the
Restore button. Moodle will then display a summary of the items to be restored. 

Review and click Continue.

The next step is critical so please review the available options carefully. In almost all cases you will choose the following option: Merge the backup course into this course. 

Click Continue and skip the next steps (in blue) directly below.

If you are not in the course you would like to migrate the content to, choose the following option: 
Merge the backup course into the existing course

You will need to enter the current course name in the search box to locate it. After doing so and verifying that the correct course is chosen, click Continue.

Course Schema Review/ 
Next you will have an opportunity to review the assets you are restoring/merging in to your course. Uncheck any items that you would like to exclude. Be sure that Overwrite Course 
Configuration is set to No. Choose Next

A final review will appear. Choose Perform Restore to continue. 

The following message should appear:
The course was restored successfully, clicking the continue button below will take you to view the course you restored.

If you receive an error message at this stage, please enter a help ticket.

Click Continue.

The main course page will appear with your content. Note that visibility settings will be preserved so you may need to hide or unhide your content as appropriate.  Also note any section or topic dates and deadlines as these will most likely be from the previous semester.