Moodle Administrative Overview

Colgate ITS wants professors to be able to use the LMS if and when they wish. With this in mind, create accounts, courses, and enrollments automatically;  the professor decides if, when, and how they will use it.  The LMS receives a data feed from Banner for updates, some of which are applied automatically.  These processes are never perfect; contact ITSHelp with any problems. 

Moodle Accounts

  • A Moodle account must exist for any user;  ITS normally creates an LMS account for everyone with a Colgate network account. 
  • Moodle login authentication uses our network authentication, so everyone normally logs in using their network username and password.  
    • After you are in Moodle once, most login issues are related to the Colgate network and not related to Moodle
    • http://Accounts.Colgate.Edu allows users to reset their network account directly
    • SOURCe/Helpline can help users directly
  • For LMS users (e.g., non-Colgate students) who do not have a network account, for temporary access, and for other special purposes we also create local Moodle accounts which authenticate directly with Moodle. 
    • local account passwords can be reset via the Moodle login page
    • we maintain a collection of local testing accounts which professors may use to test various LMS and course features 


  • We create an LMS course for each course created by the Registrar
    • Our Banner feed combines cross-listed courses into a single LMS course
    • Courses are normally created during the final month of the previous semester
  • We do not automatically make courses visible to students 
      • this is a responsibility of the professor since we don't know which will be used or when they are ready for student access
      • a course can be used for communications or grading even if not made visible to students
      • Libraries Electronic Reserves staff will normally make a course visible when adding content to it
  • We can combine courses upon request 
    • we can create a single LMS course for multiple sections
    • we can create a separate, shared course for collaborating sections
  • ITS will make a semester's courses not visible to students the month following the end of the semester
    • professors are free to make them visible again after that (announced) change is made 
      • we will not normally hide courses again 
  • Courses are retained on line for a period of two years (plus a semester) 
    • this allows professors to import on line for courses taught every two years
    • course backups are used to retrieve content when a course is no longer on line


  • Faculty are automatically assigned to courses based on Registrar data
    • Updates are conducted daily
    • Note: Banner only provides assignments, and not removals.
  • Students are automatically enrolled in and disenrolled from courses
    • Enrollments are first made and then automated during the month before the current semester
    • Updates are conducted hourly during the working day during the add/drop period


  • ITS maintains backups of all LMS courses
    • Backups can be restored upon request, in compliance with Copyright law
  • We strongly suggest that professors maintain their own backup copies as well 
    • Course administration
      • Backup
    • Grades can be Exported to a spreadsheet to create personal backups
Many of these procedures and time-frames can be changed upon request.  Contact ITSHelp.