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[Moodle Course menu selection | Administration | Course administration | Grades

Professors can manage course grades using the Moodle gradebook which is located under Course administration » Grades.  Students will see this option only if the professor has enabled Grades for the course. 
The gradebook can be used strictly as a tool for the professor; as such it can be used to store and calculate grades and not be made visible to students. 
The gradebook can also be used to interact with students and make them aware of their progress in the course; it can be used to provide feedback and present grades and grade calculations. 
The Moodle gradebook is extremely flexible and powerful, which means that it is also likely to be cryptic and confusing to manage. You will find some instructions and tutorials here and in our Moodle instance. We are also happy help you get started by providing personal or small-group overview sessions. 

Configuration Overview (Professors)

Your gradebook will most often contain a mix of items, some automatically created from course Assignments and others which you add "manually." 
 Automatically:  Some Moodle Activities (e.g., Assignments and Quizzes) are automatically added to the  gradebook upon creation (this feature can not be disabled). 
Manually:  Not all your grades will be Moodle Activities so you will add others directly. You can also created Categories to collect grade items into groups (e.g., quizzes,). This may be simply for organizational purposes or for calculations. For instance, you can use a Category for group where the scale and calculation method (aggregation) are different than the course as a whole, or where you want to drop the lowest grade (automatically). 

The grades are displayed as raw marks from the assessments themselves. Therefore the grade will depend on how an instructor configures grading for a particular item. Instructors have the ability to override defaults grades in the grader report. Enable editing when viewing the grader report to view options.

Course Grade Settings
Course settings determine how the gradebook appears for all participants in the course. Access settings by visiting Course Administration » Grades » Grade Administration.

Aggregation Position
This setting determines whether the category and course total columns are displayed first or last in the gradebook reports.

Grade Display Type
This setting determines how grades are displayed in the grader and user reports.
  • Real - Actual grades
  • Percentage
  • Letter - Letters or words are used to represent a range of grades
Overall decimal points
This setting determines the number of decimal points to display for each grade. It has no effect on grade calculations, which are made with an accuracy of 5 decimal places.

Other items determine how grades are displayed in the grading reports and how grades are displayed to students. These items include showing or hiding: rank; averages; feedback; weighting and more. 

Letter Grades
Visit Settings » Grade administration » Letters to define and equate a numeric grade range with a letter score. Choose "Edit grade letters" at the bottom of the table to adjust.

Scales are a way of rating a students' performance. Moodle offers a standard set of numeric scales. It is also possible to create custom scales which can be available on the site. For example, you can give the student a word or small phrase as a way of rating or giving a student feedback. For example, Not satisfactory, Satisfactory, Outstanding. 

Scales may be used in Forums, Glossaries and Assignments for rating a student's activity.

Visit Settings » Grade administration » Scales to review default scales and define custom scales. 

Grading Interface
            Fig 1. Lesson Grade Settings

Lesson Grade Settings (see Fig. 1)
Enter a lesson and turn on editing. In the Lesson administration block choose Edit settings. The options below may be configured for individual lessons.

The grade pull down menu contains a list of numbers from 1 to 100, No Grade and any scaled grading that has been configured for a course.

Grade category
The grade category pull down menu provides a way of organizing grading by type. Grade categories are defined in Course Administration  » Grades » Grade Administration.

Practice lesson
A practice lesson does not appear in the gradebook.

Re-takes allowed
If enabled, students can attempt the lesson more than once.

Handling of re-takes
If re-takes are allowed, this setting specifies whether the grade for the lesson is the mean or maximum of all attempts.

Display ongoing score
If enabled, each page will display the student's current points earned out of the total possible thus far.